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Buying With Kristy 

Purchasing a home ranks among the most crucial decisions one can make, and the significance of the right advice and guidance cannot be overstated. For Kristy, a seasoned Realtor, the emphasis lies in experience and expertise. She has meticulously formulated a 9-step buying process aimed at saving her clients time, energy, money, and heartache. Kristy takes pride in her MARKET PLACE EDUCATION TOUR, designed to equip buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the housing market before embarking on their home search.

In Kristy's view, there is nothing more disheartening than falling for a home without being adequately prepared to act swiftly. Her profound knowledge of the Ottawa and surrounding area marketplace, coupled with her participation in an exclusive network to discover off-market and soon-to-be-listed properties, ensures that her clients are well-positioned in the competitive real estate landscape. What sets Kristy apart is her heart-centered approach to business, where she integrates the mind, body, and soul into the buying process, providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support to her clients throughout their journey.

Upon selecting a property, Kristy commits to representing her clients' best interests throughout the purchasing process. From negotiating the best possible price to managing and advocating during inspections, she ensures that all necessary documents reach the chosen mortgage broker and lawyer. Kristy remains a steadfast guide, holding her clients' hands until the closing process is complete. Post-purchase, clients become cherished members of Kristy's VIP family, receiving invitations to exclusive client events, movie nights, and soirees in the years to come.


With 15 years of experience in the home staging and decorating industry, owning Ottawa's premier Home Staging company, Kristy brings an additional dimension to the home-buying experience. She can offer valuable design and staging advice as clients tour homes, revealing the potential of spaces and demonstrating how to transform rooms that may not initially captivate them.

Kristy eagerly anticipates connecting with potential buyers to arrange a personalized meeting, where she can share more about her unique approach and guide them through the exciting journey of finding their dream home. Let's see if we would be a good fit to work together or not. 

Sunset beach view of Tambor Beach in Costa Rica.
Ask me about how my clients are entered into my raffle for a complementary 7 night stay at Villa Serenidad. Located in a beautiful golf, ocean side community in the rare blue zone of Costa Rica. 

*Photo taken of the actual contest prize beach taken in 2023.

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It's time to discover a new way of real estate. 

"Holistic Principles, Traditional Methods"

Living a holistic lifestyle has been gaining in popularity over the last few years. More and more people are evaluating their lives and incorporating things that make them happy and reducing their stressors. Kristy has been living a holistic lifestyle for the last two decades through clean eating, mindfulness, divination tools, meditation, energy work and IET energy healing.  

She found that when working with clients it was a major asset to be able to hold space for them during these stressful times. Here optimistic and balanced energy brings a joyful spirit to each and every transaction. This is why integrating her spiritual practices into her real estate practices was so natural. Always using the traditional methods such as finance, marketing, and design as well as tried-and-true practices, including personal networking, in-person open houses, and other time-honored techniques for buying and selling property.

Kristy is bridging the gap and facilitating a beautiful space for her clients to feel comfortable each step of the way. 

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