Competitive Edge is an extremely comprehensive book, covering all of the important aspects of home staging and is a must read particularly for anyone looking to gain their “competitive edge” when selling their greatest asset. Kristy does a wonderful job of making this an easy read by offering fun real-world examples, step by step tips, and case studies that help to clear up any misconceptions you may have about staging. This book educates you on the various options available to home sellers, and offers great advice on selling and marketing in a variety of real estate markets. Selling real estate has become fast paced with ever-changing strategies required to ensure top dollar, this book provides that valuable insight into the thought process of the almighty buyer. This is a well-written book by an internationally recognized home staging professional simply looking to give you the upper hand when selling what could be your most valuable asset.  131 Pages.


FOR: Home Owners, Realtors, Stagers, Decorators, Builders, Property Managers, Flippers.

Make Life Happen: How To Go From Making A Living To Making A LIFE.

I'm Kristy Morrison, Chief adventurer of the Make Life Happen Freedom Entrepreneur, and author of Make Life Happen: How to go from making a living to making a life.  I'm obsessed with freedom, and unlike most successful entrepreneurs I meet, I advocate for working a business that supports your lifestyle, not the other way around. I believe you can have a profitable business that you can run from anywhere and live your life on your terms. I'm here to show you how!

In this book I share the core lessons I learned along my entrepreneurial journey for guaranteed success and how you can change the direction of your life immediately so you can Make Life Happen. Learn how to craft the life you desire that you see people effortlessly achieve around you. 


  • Understand The five levels of life’s design where you can use this map to immediately change the direction of your life towards freedom living. 

  • Learn the four stages of competency that guarantee success. 

  • The key breakthrough that allowed me to pay off a massive amount of debt in less than 8 years. 

  • How to avoid burn-out and live a more balanced freeing life. 

  • How exactly to get more time & financial freedom in your life without high expenses or overhead.

  • How to generate a passive income without investing large sums of money.

  • Learn the key principles of the wealthy and use them to transform your financial position. 

  • How to become revitalized and energized again with life, living life on you terms.  

FOR: Entrepreneurs & Entrepreneur Seekers, 

Kristy Morrison's new book Creating Successful Business Systems: A Home Staging & Decorators Guide, was designed for stagers / decorators but in traditional business ALL PRINCIPLES APPLY this book will show you simultaneously in great detail every single step it takes to build and run a successful and profitable home staging business while revealing her simplistic secret to success; systems that work.


In this book Kristy leaves no stone unturned and if you are up for the challenge, I would recommend you stop doing what you are doing right now and follow her lead.  She is GIVING you the secret sauce.  All you have to do is take it.  What I have found with many home stagers is that they treat their home staging business like a hobby instead of a business.  That is fine if you want a hobby.  But if you are serious about running a successful six-figure home staging business then this is the first step in doing just that.  Follow Kristy Morrison and you will not only be following the leader of the Home Staging industry, but soon you will be following the future of the industry as well. ** ON AMAZON




FOR: Home Stagers, Decorators, Organizers,  Industry Professionals, ALL Small-Medium Sized Business Owners That Need To Nail Down Their Company Systems.  

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