How To White Wash Brick -Easy Updates.

Let's keep things simple, I really dislike blogs that tell life stories for the first 3 hours of reading then tells you how to do it LOL. I love brick and I feel natural brick has it's place, and didn't feel that it was here in our new country home of zen. 

Supplies Required

Can of white paint (I had a CIL brick paint sitting around)

Small quality paint brush you don't mind tossing after. 

Paint Tray

Painters Tape

Drop Cloth

Tap Water

Cotton Cloth (I used an old pillow case and ripped it into 4 chunks)

How To

First thing is the set up tape of anything you dont want to get paint on like trim, around the fire place, etc. Put your drop cloth down on the floor -tape it if needed. 

Place paint in the paint tray & add 25% water to start keep adding more up to 50% depending on if you use a water based pait or acrilyc paint. You want the consistency to be like 3% milk, nice and runny yet not too thin.  MIX WELL with a stirstick. 

Some people paint the grout with undiluted paint. I didn't do this because I didn't like the look of the solid white grout i prefer the lighter grout lines to go with the washed brick. Do what you prefer if you must I suggest testing a space you wont notice first. 

Work in sections doing the grout first then painting the brick with the mixture and immediately rubbing the paint off with your cotton cloth. This will leave a residue behind. I chose to NOT be meticlious and get ever nook and cranny in the brick I like the occasional colour popping thorugh naturally. This entire project took me about 6 hours to complete and my arms were exhausted and sore at the end from painting and wiping off. 

WAX ON WAX OFF -Mr Miyagi 

Not only applicable to karate. 


It's really that simple!

So many people online try to make it look so complicated and I hate that. You don't need to hire someone to do something this simple (unless you really want to it's quite labour intensive so I'm sure it wont be cheap) 


Kristy Morrison

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