Defining Your Purpose & Success Will Follow.

What is success?

-Boat loads of money?

-How about financial freedom where you have enough $ to cover bills continually?

-Is it having so much time that you can do what you want?

-Maybe it’s what you do by giving back to the community.

-Maybe it’s travelling the world and exploring not having any cares….

-Maybe it's being able to support those that you love like parents that need retiring.

Success will look different to everyone which means there is no clear definition of what it truly is. Which is why it’s so obtainable for everyone! Once you define what your purpose in life is then success will imminently follow. So why exactly is your purpose here on earth?

Is it to work a 9-5 at a job you probably went to school for and amassed a chunk of debt? Doubt it. I’ve met many people and not one of them say to me “I’m living my dream of a desk job and debt right now”

Jack Canfield wrote in his book Success Principles that if you wan too find your purpose in life then you will have to identify two of your strongest personality traits; describe the way you interact with others and then imagine your ideal world. Once you have this done, combine these into a statement of life purpose.

Take me for example:

My two strongest personality traits are 1) Honest & 2) Passionate (which is why I'm so loud)

Way I interact with others: I want to lead and inspire them to be successful social entrepreneurs.

Imagine my ideal world: Where they will have fulfilled lives that include time & financial freedom allowing us to give back to our communities we love.

There for “My purpose is to use my honesty and passion to inspire others to move forward into social entrepreneurship, to help lead and contribute to a world where people have fulfilling careers with a balance between time and financial freedom also allowing us the privilege to give back to our communities in a positive manner.”

Next Create a VISION for your purpose. This is a mental picture of what it would look like to you. How much time freedom do you have? What are your friends like? What would giving back look like? Whatever you created in your purpose statement define what it will look like.

Then break it down into smaller goals that are specific, ambitious and tangible.

  • I will do private calls with 30 people a month to discuss their goals and define their purpose.

  • I will work with 5 people one on one each month that have the same purpose mission as I do and we will work together to build a fulfilling business.

  • Launch book Make Life Happen -To inspire others & give them the tools to understand the best tools to building a business and live a life of design.

  • Attend all four business training events held in the USA, to ensure I am on top of my game.

What is your purpose? Share your purpose statement with me on our faebook page


Get ready for my new book launch coming July 2017. Make Life Happen: 8 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Master The Time & Money Game.

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Kristy Morrison

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PS: Yes there will be grammatical and spelling errors in this article. It doesn't mean that I don’t care it means I'm being authentic to who I am. I’m not perfect nor do I claim to be, I am sharing knowledge and if I was to worry over every little detail making things perfect & grammatically correct nothing would get accomplished.

*Inspired by Jack Canfield's Book: Success Principles.

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