Choosing The Right Team For Epic Results.

After building an award-winning home staging company for 10 years successfully selling it, personally flipping 5 residential properties & 1 commercial property for profit, maintaining & marketing an income villa in Costa Rica, authoring 3 business books 2 of the real estate related, as well as becoming a successful home services broker helping people save on everyday bills. I’m pulling all my skills together to help people on a greater level. 

For years my clients & friends told me I would love and excel in a career in real estate. This has been on my mind for over 10 years and after making a decision a little while ago to get my real estate license I’ve decided to finally announce it now and start ASAP interning with the best team in the city Marc Evans & Francois Tessier’s Ottawa Capital Group.

I chose this team for a variety of reasons. I love how high energy they are it makes me feel at home because if you know me you know how high energy I am!! I also love how aggressive they are with goal setting, I'm a huge goal setter and having top producing hustlers push me harder will only make me become more experienced and knowledgeable. I’ve also worked with this team for most of my staging years in my business and they always stood out to me as a top-notch team that knows real estate inside & out! They walked the walk & talked the talk. They offer staging on all of their listings where many (not all) agents I worked with in the past would pick and choose based on the commission they would make and if they could afford a consultation or not. This is no way to help selling clients because in today's competitive market staging is a 100% NECESSITY and if any Real Estate Agent tells you differently RUN

I know that after all of my experience in this field and interning with the best team as I finalize my license I am fully prepared to help my friends and family. 

Remember WHO you work with matters! Not all realtors are created equal and what I care about most is that my clients take the time to interview different agents and hire one that not only has experience and a clear plan of action but someone that can help you meet your specific needs and goals for your own home. 

Thank you for your support & I look forward to working with you as I finalize my license and apply my 10+ years of acquired knowledge and major hustle into my clients goals.

Kristy Morrison

Real Estate Consultant, Award-Winning Stager, Author, Speaker, Mentor.

Eco Worrier & Homesteading Hippie.


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