Opinions are the cheapest comodity.

Naturally as humans we tend to seek advice from people we respect. Be it our parents, friends, or even extended family members. I did this as well growing up my parents taught me things growing up which to me they became the expert on life. They knew how to walk so they taught me, they knew how to cook so they taught me, they knew how to set budgets and taught me. Then a shift happened.......When I was 25 I became an entrepreneur and started to ask them what they thought of specific things business related because I had NO IDEA what I was doing.

My parents both worked full time jobs and did have a small video business before I was born but they never owned a business over a job. Stability to them was more important at the time because of myself and then my brother came along shortly after and we all know the entrepreneurship world isn't like a job. So none the less, I asked their advise because they did have a small business with some experience. I'm going to share exactly why opinions are the cheapest commodity here are a few of my favourite ones with my dad over the years.

Me: I'm going to start my own home staging business dad, I'm going to tell people how to arrange their furniture in a way that would help them sell faster.

Dad: That's nice. Don't be upset if no one hires you because I would never pay for something like that.

(Of course he meant that out of love not wanting me to be disappointed and protecting me really. I knew my target market wasn't him to start anyways so I want worried about getting hired. I needed up being the #1 home staging company in my local market and #2 in Canada. If I listened to him I wouldn't of proceeded with starting a business.)

Me: Now that were #1 dad I'm going to spend 40 on buying furniture so we can stop paying 60k a year to the rental company. What do you think?

Dad: You don't have 40k laying around, how the hell do you plan on paying for this!

Me: Credit duh it's a business and i've proven we already have more than that in rental revenue.

Dad: You should take the next 2-5 years and save THEN buy the furniture.

(I knew timing was everything in business and we were expanding quickly so I didn't want to spend 60k with a suppler for 5 years that's 300,000 in business revenue I would be GIVING away if I didnt buy it now. He saw it as going into debt and it will kill my business, I saw it as a strategic investment and did it anyways........after my first $3000 job and the money was 100% my companies and none going to the suppler dad said "wow, this furniture stuff is a great idea")

Me: I'm going to do this other business alongside my staging business to add an additional revenue stream to my portfolio since staging is such an up and down market dependant on so many factors. What do you think dad?

Dad: Why would you do that business? I googled it and it looks like a scam and there are people saying that they didn't make any money doing it!! Don't waste your time.

Me: You realize ANYONE with a keyboard and an internet connection can write whatever they want online and google is a search engine and will find 100% of what you are looking for. Doesn't mean it's true! (dad......well I don't like it) That's fine, and also I never look at a project and base MY SUCCESS off of other people's efforts that's just insanity. That's like saying EVERY stager in the city will be #1 because I'm number #1.....only the ones that hustle can claim the title and that's only based on their own efforts.

(This I thought was the funniest of them all because this is the mindset that MAJORITY of the world has as well. Oh I know someone who tried that business and failed, even lost lots of money so it's such a scam..........no dudes.......that person was probably horrible at building the business or they had shit mentors.)

I learned very quickly that my fathers opinion and everyone else in my life was just that, an opinion based on their own experience and if I was ever going to make it anywhere in my business/ life goals I needed to put in proper work ethic and find out for myself.

So I ask you, have you lost an opportunity or sold your dreams short because you actually listened to someones opinion? I encourage you to only ask the opinions of people that HAVE what you SEEK.

Want to be fit? -go learn from a FIT personal trainer.

Want to be financially free? -go learn from someone who isn't struggling to get out of debt.

Want to be a business owner in a specific business? -go learn from someone at the top of the field.

Kristy Morrison

What will your legacy be?

PS: Want to explore different types of entrepreneurship? Here is a digital copy of my book Make Life Happen.

Log in Password is: Freedom https://www.kristymorrison.com/digitalcopy

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