Life Lesson I Learned From My Grandmother Living Life From A Wheelchair.

They say your life is moulded by the events and people around you. I have to say not really knowing it until more recently in life my grandmother was definitely a point of inspiration for my life drive. You see, my grandmother Betty passed away today. She has been in a wheelchair most of my life, and I remember as a little girl asking my parents why she was in a wheelchair. To which they told me that she had a stroke and the Dr looking after her case told my grandmother that she would “never walk again” so she took that at face value and essentially gave up. She never tried to walk again, never questions the diagnosis, never asked for another opinion....nothing. So for the last 35 years of MY life I watched this woman live a life in 1 room watching the same RE-runs of mash day in and day out. Asking us the same questions in the same order “Hello!”.....”How are you!” Then back to her re-runs.

Looking back.....It was right then and there a seed was planted in my life as a young girl. The seed of NEVER giving up....watching her sit there staring at the same shows was so sad. I realized lots of times in my life when my brain would give me an objection of why I shouldn’t do something or why I wouldn’t succeed I would have this seed grow and poke me with “What if I don’t try, will I be stuck like my grandmother!?” And this I truly believe has been one of my driving force in my life....being afraid of listening to someone’s opinion on why they think I shouldn’t. I don’t want to be the one sitting there wondering “what If I just tried”

So as sad as it is that Betty passed away..... I’m glad she has finally moved on. Watching someone disintegrate slowly is never easy. Some people may say that was her role in this world, to be the seed that proves what happens when you give up based on someone’s OPINION..... cheers to you grandma! Love you. ❤️ I'll keep striving to set and smash the goals in your honour and I'll do my best to inspire millions of men and women around this world to do the same!!

Kristy Morrison

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