Life Changes By CHOICE not Chance.

Have you ever woke up one morning, rolled over in your bed to check Facebook and there daily "On This Day" pop's up and for some reason you click on "see more from this day".....

Well today I did and I was astonished to see that something in the cosmos inspired me to even do so as I hardly look back to the past. I scrolled to the end of the feed and in 2007 I made a post about being BROKE, having 2 mortgages and some pretty passionate language for the company that fired my boyfriend (my now husband) at the time. Then immediately above in 2008 on the same day none the less I wrote that I wanted to travel the world so bad and that I essentially felt stuck in my JOB.

What I find funny (beyond the fact that I posted these two pain points of my life BOTH on May 11th one years apart from each other) but the fact that these two posts were laying the foundation for my mindset to be FED UP with living life the way I had been living it. I decided 3 months later (August 2008) when I was laid off from my job to become an entrepreneur. I mean what did I have to loose? I already HATED my life, I was over $100,000k in debt at the time (which climbed as high as $160,000) and I felt that I truly had nothing to loose. I mean If I didn't succeed how much worse could it get than it was at that point?

I remember the day I went home after spending the afternoon at Chapters trying to figure out what to do with my life and I said to Eric "I'm going to become an entrepreneur and build my own business" to which he responded with "immmmmmmmmmm doing what?" and I had NO CLUE LOL. I share this journey and in my upcoming book Make Life Happen: How to go from making a living to making a life.

It wasn't an easy journey and I cried, doubted, stressed, and failed many many many times but I'm soooooooo glad that I went through that process because over the past 9 years I paid off $160,000 worth of debt. Built a company to #1 in my market place, mentored and coached hundreds of people across North America, spoken to audiences as large as 20,000 people AND now personally mentor a handful of people that greatly want change in their life helping them accomplish each and every one of their goals. I am insanely passionate about freedom and fully believe that everyone can have the freedom they desire in their life if they are willing to learn how and just do it.

It is my personal mission to inspire 1 million people across this world to chase their dreams and create a life on their terms not anyone else's. Life is short why waste it? You CAN MAKE LIFE HAPPEN!!!

Kristy Morrison

Author, Coach, Entrepreneur Scout.

Ps: Investing into yourself will pay out TEN FOLD! if your looking for inspiration on how to make life happen you will want to claim your copy now! CLICK HERE.

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