You Can Have Excuses Or Results. Pick One.

I had a chat with a guy I met about a decade ago where we’ve been keeping touch on Facebook. He’s got a job that takes him out of town for long days / weeks at a time and spends very little time at home with his wife and kids. I saw a long rant on Facebook about how he can NEVER get ahead and how he’s NEVER with his kids and life pretty much sucks and no one will ever get out of this issue……I asked him if he ever thought of being his own boss and how he can gain back some time and have better finances too can live the life he wants.

Here are a slew of reasons why he could never be his own boss…..

I can’t because I have no money -Well build business so you can have money.

I can’t because my kids miss me -Well build a business so you can be with your kids more.

I can’t because I have no time -Well build a business that has leverage so you can have more time.

I can’t because I don’t know how -Guess what none of us knew how when we started!

I can’t because I’m horrible at sales -Well honey we sell ourselves every day, you wouldn’t a job if you didn’t sell yourself to them for employment.

I can’t, I can’t, I can’t…….well your right you can’t then because that’s your mindset. So please stop your complaining because you are choosing the life you currently have. I have zero patience for complainers, we all have issues we need to deal with but if you only complain and have no action then I can’t feel sorry for you.

If you are willing to learn then you CAN do all of the above. If your not willing to learn then that’s a different issue. Anyone CAN have their own business and have success but they have to turn there excuses into reasons or any hiccup will get you out of the game.


I too had the same issues but I didn't make an excuse....

Over $160,000 in debt -I HAVE TO DO THIS

No clue what I'm doing -I HAVE TO DO THIS

Terrified of talking to people -I HAVE TO DO THIS

I don't have a lot of time -I HAVE TO DO THIS

I hate sales -I HAVE TO DO THIS

We all have excuses it's just if you'll use them to stay STUCK where you are or will you use them to fuel you're fire!? If I used my excuses I would have never built a successful business, or write and publish 3 books, or even have the ability to mentor others in reaching their own goals.........EMBRACE THE DISGUSTING FEELING AND Challenge yourself to soar like an eagle.

Kristy Morrison

Author | Mentor | Entrepreneur.

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PPS: Yes there will be grammatical and spelling errors in this article. It doesn't mean that I don’t care it means I'm being authentic to who I am. I’m not perfect nor do I claim to be, I am sharing knowledge and if I was to worry over every little detail making things perfect & grammatically correct nothing would get accomplished. I Make Life Happen.

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