Time & Financial Freedom = Recruiting / Team Building. Do It Properly!

Ok this is a touchy subject RECRUITING in business ESPECIALLY for anyone that is in network marketing, direct sales or a micro-franchise. Many people understand that traditional business owners and franchises hire which is a form of recruiting but why do some people do this so so so so sooooo wrong? You all know me by know so I'm about to get real if you can't handle it then feel free to tap out and DO NOT read any further. Please take this as your warning and bow out now before I proceed........


-Nike -Recruits, PGA -Recruits Top Level Golfers, McDonalds -Recruits managers & burger flippers. Even I recruited stagers into my Home Staging company they would stage while I ran the company. If your goal in business is to have TIME FREEDOM you will HAVE TO RECRUIT because there is only 24hrs in a day. If you are constantly thinking you need more hours in a day you need to have a system that will allow you to earn income off of other people -this is recruiting.

Second: Shut up about the pyramid crap..... it makes you look stupid.

In today's day and age you've probably been invited to a meeting a friend asked you to attend as they started their own home based business. You go and listen to the information and some of you say something like "Oh it's a pyramid, those are illegal you shouldn't do this sally" Well guess what you just looked like an idiot because you have no idea what your talking about and you just made that clear with this statement.

If you have a job or a traditional business with staff or you work in the government you are IN A PYRAMID. You'll never out earn the person in the position "above you" To make this clear as mud take my staging business for example do you think my staff will ever make more money than me the CEO & Founder of the company? NO, because it's a pyramid so for everyone who cry's "ohhh that looks like a pyramid" you need to stop because you really do sound foolish because your working in one and don't even know it. So your friend Sally is actually the smarter one of the two because she see's that she can OUT EARN anyone in the company as long as she has more customers and the one with the largest team ultimately has the most customers and EVERYONE on that team earns an income off of those customers. Imagine that "Co-operation" styled business where you only get paid if you help other people make money. So stop blasting your friend for seeing value in something you clearly don't understand. Now if you're talking about a ponzi scheme that's in fact illegal and is defined as taking money and offering NOTHING in return no product or service delivered OUTSIDE of yourself. You have to pay for a business regardless of the structure but a product or service is offered = true business. If you pay $500 and get a pooled savings account or you pay to buy your own product and other people who want it have to pay to get their own product then this is defined as illegal and you SHOULD avoid it.

As a traditional business owner I used to make fun of people in network marketing, direct sales and micro-franchise opportunities. I frequently chuckled that it's not a real business and that they were pyramids and how I felt bad for them all getting suckered in. Then one day I decided to do some research on the industry and really evaluate what they have to offer to each independent business owner and I was extremely surprised. I learned that this business model has the following to offer.

  1. Flexible schedules to suit busy lives

  2. Unlimited income potential based on individual efforts, you only get paid what you can generate (like ANY business model out there, so the lazy people tend to scream that the opportunity is a scam and they made no money. Check yourself in the mirror you just suck at learning how to build business)

  3. Co-operation mindset: Unlike a traditional business or franchise business you can not succeed unless you help other people succeed so if you are selfish and only want to make a quick buck you won't get very far.

  4. No risk, No inventory, No operations management, No debt recover from bad clients, No staff, No

Essentially this business is BRILLIANT for people who are hard workers, willing to learn and want to earn extra income outside of their jobs without having the risk and high costs of overhead of traditional business. This in my books is essentially an entry level to entrepreneurship that offers BIG rewards to those that take it seriously. So I would like to apologize to anyone I may have offended in the past, I stand corrected and your business model is quite brilliant so keep with it.

Third if you are IN network marketing, direct sales or a micro-franchise opportunity STOP rejoicing at my blasting above. You need to check yourself before you reck yourself! You need to STOP RECRUITING AND HARASSING EVERYONE YOU MEET. This has gone too far and you can not build any business regardless of the business structure relying on your 5 closest friends and family members to build a thriving multi-million dollar business. YES I understand you have passion for what you found, and YES I understand you want to help your family by working together and have success together but THEY don't want it so skip them. It's better to run with your tribe than to drag a bunch of dead weight. You can NOT succeed in building your business if your not willing to get out of your comfort zone and talk to people outside of your immediate sphere of influences.

Treat your business with the respect that it deserves and stop recruiting people that are NOT a good fit for you or they don't want to do it! Protect the integrity of your company and your team and make sure they qualify to work with you first. The best way to build your business in network marketing, direct sales or micro-franchise is to think like a traditional business owner. Do you think I just hired anyone in my staging business? NO, they had to go through an interview process to prove to me that they wanted to work with me and that they are even qualified. I do this in my micro-franchise business as well because I have a massive respect for what my co-founders have created. I also want to protect the integrity of the company that I am representing. So when someone asks me "Hey can I do this too?" I always reply with a "Maybe, let's set up a call to see if you qualify" because it's not worth my time to work with someone who doesn't qualify or will not treat their own business with respect.

TIPS: So how do you go about approaching someone that you feel would be good in your business? Follow these tips.

  1. Get to know them first. How can you know if you would like to work with them if you know them. (So all of you that add people to Facebook and immediately PM join my company your doing it wrong)

  2. Listen to their pains so you understand what their goals are in life.

  3. Ask them if they are open to making extra income to help them reach their goal (more time, more money, quit there job they hate, support an ill family member)

  4. If they say NO -leave it at that and thank them for there time and stay friends with them. DO NOT HARASS THEM telling them all the reasons why they need this opportunity. People don't like to be told what they should be doing.

  5. If they say YES -great book a meeting and show them the opportunity and let them decide if what you have is indeed what they are looking for. If they say yes great start working together, if they say no do not burn your bridge because time may change there mind when they encounter another obstacle.

  6. Be honest & upfront: You've probably noticed the whole "I'll pm you" or "I need you to try something I want to meet and show you"......doesn't really work. When I talk about what I do I'm honest and upfront I say "I help people save on every day home & business bills, and teach a few of them how to earn a 10% kickback if they are interested" then that leaves the response to either a) Oh interesting or b) Wow, how do you do that. To then I book a meeting to sit down with them & show them what I do. VOILA those that want to save or make money and learn more meet me, those that don't won't.

  7. The BIGGEST RULE OF THEM ALL: Especially if you are in a product based business that is related to beauty.....STOP booking consultation time to pitch the business owner. You are wasting valuable paying clients time to surprise pitch them I guarantee it will NOT end in your favour if you dupe people into a meeting to pitch them.

Does this make it clear? Regardless of what side of the fence you are on. The people who are IN network marking, direct sales and micro-franchising need to chill out and respect there business and stop harassing people. Those whom are NOT in these industries need to lighten the heck up and stop being such hard asses to your friends. If you've been asked by a friend to come check something out I suggest going to see what it actually is and if you want to do it with them, even if you saw it years ago because business change and develop. Medicine 10 years ago is not the same as today and neither will a successful thriving business they are forever changing. Do not rely on google for "reviews" because now of days what you search you will find there is lots of bull shit information (like the flat earth society) from complete morons spewing there opinions just to make a pay per click dollar and I personally find those people scum as they are harming the lives of hard working entrepreneurs that can't handle the rejection from their friend and family that are google warriors.

Cheers to my universal business tip on recruiting 101. If you want time and financial freedom without the risk go for a low risk business opportunity. If you like a challenge and creating things from scratch regardless of the risk go for traditional business. Regardless I personally feel EVERYONE needs to be in a business structure on some level.

Now because I know someone reading this may be wondering how they can learn more about what I do outside of my traditional business were like above, I help people save on every day home & business bills, and teach a few of them how to earn a 10% kickback if they are interested. Then reach out to me by email to schedule a call to see you qualify for what I am expanding, conversations are free and can be life changing. (MakeLifeHappenTribe@gmail.com)

Kristy Morrison

Author | Mentor | Entrepreneur.



PS:Get ready for my new book launch coming July 2017.Make Life Happen: 8 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Master The Time & Money Game. Register here now to stay in the loop! www.KristyMorrison.com/NewBookJoin the Tribe On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MakeLifeHappenTribe/

PPS: Yes there will be grammatical and spelling errors in this article. It doesn't mean that I don’t care it means I'm being authentic to who I am. I’m not perfect nor do I claim to be, I am sharing knowledge and if I was to worry over every little detail making things perfect & grammatically correct nothing would get accomplished. I Make Life Happen.

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