First You Learn Then You Earn.

The biggest issue with business owners including the micro-franchise/ mlm / direct sellers or even small business owners (not the company the owners) is they do NOT take there business seriously. They typically invest $50-2,000 to have there own business but they have loads of excuses, and hardly INVEST INTO THEMSELVES or there business by attending International conventions.

Do you think if you paid 1 Million dollars for the McDonalds franchise you would say "Oh I can't attend training I'm broke and need to get this up and running" -Heck no you'd learn everything you possibly could to ensure your large investment isn't a waste.

For example as I was building my traditional business in home staging I was told by a mentor that if I wanted to be successful I needed to learn from other successful people in my industry. So I invested into EVERY SINGLE TRAINING event that was hosted for my industry held across North America. YES it cost me money, and YES I was already in a crap ton of debt, and YES I had a million reasons not to go but I did continually for years ultimately making my company number 1 in the local market AND being an expert speaker on stage in Las Vegas at these events only 5 years later.

Building a business regardless of the business model you HAVE TO SUBMIT to the learning process and attend 100% of your trainings if you are ever going to succeed. If I had to compare the learning process to anything in the world it would have to be like becoming a Doctor.

First you pay a fee (which guarantees you nothing) then you have to go through the training and learning process of how to be a doctor, then you practice being a doctor and by the end you are a full fledged doctor.

Business building is the exact same thing, first you pay to open your business (which also guarantees you nothing) then you have to go through the training and learning process of how to be a business owner and build your business, then you practice what you learn and by the end of the journey you are a successful business owner.

So why would this principle be any different for ANY of the business models including the micro-franchise or MLM business owners? It’s not if you are not willing to treat your business like a business and go through the learning process don’t even bother wasting your time upfront. (THIS is why I don’t recruit just anyone into my company which I talk about in an upcoming article of recruiting 101) You have to commit to learning and investing into yourself and your business or how can you expect to know how to create success? it will not come to you through osmosis.

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Kristy Morrison

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PPS: Yes there will be grammatical and spelling errors in this article. It doesn't mean that I don’t care it means I'm being authentic to who I am. I’m not perfect nor do I claim to be, I am sharing knowledge and if I was to worry over every little detail making things perfect & grammatically correct nothing would get accomplished. I Make Life Happen.

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