Up-Level Your Sphere Of Influences.

Jim Rohn Said: “You are the sum of your five closest relationships” what does this mean? Well it relates to the law of averages. Which is the theory that the result of any given situation will be the average of all outcomes.

If you play sports then you know that in order to increase your win’s you need to increase your losses. Business operates the same way you need to increase your losses if your going to increase your wins. You can NOT have 100% winning in life it’s impossible. Some people may look like they are always winning all the time but you don’t see all the losses they went though to get that win.

When it comes to relationships we are affected by the closest to us. It affects our thinking, our decisions our self-esteem weather we like it or not. Yes you ultimately make your own decisions but believe it or not you are strongly influenced by your environment than you think.

If all your friends are broke, negative, complainers then you’ll likely fall into that trap also because when you do decide to make a change they will tell you that your wrong, and idiot, risking your family’s stability (if there is any) ETC and you’ll let doubt creep into your mind and ultimately never take the next step resulting in you staying exactly where you are with those friends.

If you want MORE out of life then you’ll need to surround yourself with people that have more than what you currently have. Let’s say you want to be a millionaire in your life it’s not impossible because in fact there are MORE millionaires NOW than there were 100 years ago. If you make $30k in a job you can’t expect a multimillionaire to become your BFF over night it doesn’t happen that way you have NOTHING IN COMMON it’s a stepping stone journey.

People who have amassed wealth have also gone through a massive amount of personal development so to get there you’ll need to up-level your surroundings and network. Surround yourself with people making $60 k then $100 K then $150k then $500k, learn how they got to their income levels and learn / grow from them and eventually you’ll meet a multimillionaire that see’s your personal development and likes your mindset and growth goals and will be your friend and share stories and advise as to how they amassed their money.

The hardest part about building a business, acquiring financial freedom or even wealth is you will lose friends along the way. Not because they are bad people but because you are growing and developing as a person and you’ll eventually have nothing in common with them anymore. They will be complaining about their time and money and you’ll have improved yours so you can’t join in the complaining…and if you offer to help you look like a pompous ass. THEY HAVE TO DECIDE To up level their lives not you.

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Kristy Morrison

Author | Mentor | Entrepreneur.



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PPS: Yes there will be grammatical and spelling errors in this article. It doesn't mean that I don’t care it means I'm being authentic to who I am. I’m not perfect nor do I claim to be, I am sharing knowledge and if I was to worry over every little detail making things perfect & grammatically correct nothing would get accomplished. I Make Life Happen.

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