How To Pack A 5 Day Business Trip Into One Carry On Bag.

Being an entrepreneur putting high value in learning how to master success I've travelled a lot in my past decade of entrepreneurship, so as you can imagine I've mastered the packing technique to the tee. I am here in my bedroom laying everything I need out on my bed and strategically adding and removing items so an entire 5 day trip will fit into a small airplane carry on bag.

I'm dedicating this detailed blog to my frequent travel partners and especially the Cummings Duo....yes this is for you and everyone else that has issues travelling light LOL.

STEP ONE -Check the weather

This is the most important part of the planning and I usually check the weather and pack no more than 3 days in advance to ensure accuracy. Determine what the weather is like and plan accordingly, it's not rocket science if it's 30 degree's out you don't need to pack a bunch of sweaters and long pants.


This trip I'm driving not flying but still need it all to fit into a carry on bag and will be away for 5 days and I'm planning for the following items to come with me.

Pants x 3 (1 casual for travel, 2 business)

Shirts x 2 (2 casual for travel, 2 business)

Business Jacket x 1

Dress x1

Undies x 5

Bra's x 3

P-j's x 1

Shoes -Heels x 1, Flats x 1, & wear casual runners.

Personal items: Hair Curler, makeup, face wash, toothbrush & items.

Business items: I-pad, Cell phone, Business cards, passport, event tickets, wallet.

The biggest issue with travelling light is most people "don't know what to wear" and over pack with too many options resulting in an oversized suit case and unworn items come time to leave. Think about this if your gone for 5 days 2 of them are used mainly for travel -getting there and coming back a 1/2 day or a full day regardless you can wear the same outfit with new undies and you'll be fine. If need pack an extra fresh shirt for the trip home but wear the same pants your sitting in a plane not running a marathon in them. Some of you will cringe at these numbers but let's be honest, how dirty can business travel be in meetings and writing notes?

STEP 3 - Coordinate Your Looks.

To ensure I don't look like I've lost my mind I make sure all of the above numbers coordinate in colours / styles. I try and pick items that all my jewelry will complement each outfit so I don't have to over pack.

STEP 4 -PACK IT IN Strategic


Here I have my PJ's, undies, 1 travel home shirt, 2 business pants rolled to avoid creases (i'll be wearing the casual pants travelling), curling iron in travel CHI heat bag, and makeup brushes. I ensure each level is as flat as possible so I tend to pack easy to manipulate items.

Level 2

This is my delicate dress in a dress bag strategically folded to ensure it's only in 1/2 to prevent wrinkles.

Level 3

This is where the remaining elements go I have my 2 heals in upper left corner in "shoe bags" to protect closing from dirt & my flats, Jewelry roll on the right, bra's on top and the delicate 2 business shirts on top,and my blazer will fit nicely folded my new favourite Undercarriage natural & eco deodorant that actually works!

VOILA an entire business trip all packed into this little carry on with plenty of space for some take back items.

Do you have any specific travel tips I would love to hear them!!


Kristy Morrison

Author | Mentor | Entrepreneur.

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PPS: Yes there will be grammatical and spelling errors in this article. It doesn't mean that I don’t care it means I'm being authentic to who I am. I’m not perfect nor do I claim to be, I am sharing knowledge and if I was to worry over every little detail making things perfect & grammatically correct nothing would get accomplished.

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