Business Building 101, Starts Outside Of Yourself.

I know I know.....Every time I say this people say to me "Kristy, I have a hard enough time building my own business how do you expect me to help build other people's business?"

Well I'm not telling you to BUILD someone else's business I am telling you to care about other people and their business before yourself. Have you ever been on Facebook and a networking group and they have a business feature Friday and you or you've seen someone post a link to the Facebook page.....HOW RUDE!

You are blasting everyone in that group with a "buy me buy me" type tactic without any relationship behind the request. THIS IS POOR SALES 101, blasting people to buy from you before you even know if they even need what you have. I know you do this because you truly feel that everyone can use you or refer you but what's in it for them? Why would they refer you when they don't know you?

THIS is the core element to building ANY BUSINESS model from MLM to traditional business to even a franchise business. People will not care about you until you show them you care about them. Get to know these people first, what do THEY do, what do they do for fun, why did they start there own business, ETC you can learn so much from each business owner.

Building a business is like farming, you are planting seeds but if you plant seeds in bad soil nothing will grow. Take care of the soil (people you meet) and as you get to know them they will ask you what you do where you can then plant the seed and harbour the relationship. If you FIRE HOSE water on your crop it will rot and die so sprinkle the water when needed to keep our crop and relationships thriving.

Tips to acquiring customers

This is my favourite topic because acquiring customers is easy for me. I had lots of practice building my traditional business in home staging and I applied these same principles to my other business which happens to be in the MLM category.

FIRST -Target your customer

Let's say you sell a product that is 100% eco. Who is your target buyer? most people I meet say "EVERYONE" -wrong your target customer is people who already care about the environment and what they are putting onto their skin. The average joe that buy's from the grocery store isn't on that mindset yet. How do you get them on this mindset? YOU can't only they can and it comes from harbouring relationships first.

If you walked up to me and said Kristy, the body lotion you buy for $10 is toxic you have to buy my $30 smaller sized product because it's eco and safe for your skin so you don't get cancer, what do you think I will say? A BIG FAT NO THANKS -not because I don't care about my body but because you are trying to shove a sale down my throat especially with a scare tactic without knowing me.

Do you think as I was building my traditional home staging business I went to everyone that owned a home and told them to work with me? NO that's not my target market, I started by meeting with realtors and building relationships with them to help them build THERE business when it comes to buying and selling homes and in turn they worked with me. -VOILA target market clear.

My services brokering business who are my targeted customers? anyone who wants to save on a bill and help support project feeding kids. This is NOT everyone believe it or not and I respect that. Yes I know I can help people get free phone & internet but I won't tell someone they are stupid for not taking advantage of it. Same thing applies to your products don't make people feel bad for not wanting what you have to offer.

Connecting with people will result in referrals these are warm leads because someone TRUSTS you and your business because you have a good relationship with them. You can also build relationships through blogging or filming videos on related to your profession. THIS SHOULD BE KNOWLEDGE BASED not "Why you need to buy this" but "Avoid this chemical in your product because the results are XXX" then if they agree they will ask where they can get a product that avoided the chemical you were talking about.

SECOND -Don't harass

The reason why people do harassment sales is because your network isn't large enough to earn a sustainable income off of. So how do you fix this? Just like every other business owner fixes this issue......networking!

It's as simple as that no business can survive with a handful of customers you'll have to go out and meet more people, build relationships and then the sales will come. I hope you weren't looking for a get rich quick kind of scheme because they don't excite every business takes time to build regardless of the structure.

There you have it, the two core principles to acquiring customers in any business model!!

It's really as simple as that if your not getting good sales it's because you are not meeting enough people and harbouring good relationships first.

Kristy Morrison

Author | Mentor | Entrepreneur.

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PPS: Yes there will be grammatical and spelling errors in this article. It doesn't mean that I don’t care it means I'm being authentic to who I am. I’m not perfect nor do I claim to be, I am sharing knowledge and if I was to worry over every little detail making things perfect & grammatically correct nothing would get accomplished. I Make Life Happen.

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