On Stage in front of 20,000 people

Tuesday morning when I recieved an email "CONGRATULATIONS you are invited to attend ACN Leadership Training" I started to freak out. It's so exciting to be able to sit in a massive room with leaders from all over North America. My favourite is seeing the fellow #LadyBosses and I mean TRUE LadyBosses not the ones that get the glory by marrying an SVP but the women that actually took the time to BUILD a business alone or with their spouse and went through the hurtles. THOSE are the women I look up to at each of these events. Channel Burt is the one woman I continually see and have mad respect for.

Naturally, leadership had some awesome content about what is coming up in ACN for us all. I actually had a massive "Ah-Ha" during this training event that I will share in a future blog as I outline my team's AH-HA moments.

So I get a text from Mathieu Lamontange Thursday morning as I'm closing in on Charlotte "Yoooooo Kristy! Friday 4pm we are going on stage :) How many Anovia & business points do you have again?"........WOW that is freaking cool.

Flash forward to 4pm Friday Night.......

Mathieu leads me through the left stage side passing through a big black sea of gigantic curtains. (Had to stop for a selfie of course) The back is surprising calm and quiet. I pictured a massive tornado of people running around scrambling to get ready but nope -PURE calm.

Matt brings me to a small curtained off room that has refreshments and a tv where the current presenter is speaking (Mathieu Ambrose) next I turn around to be greeted with a happy "Well Hello!" by the VP of North American sales Mike Kane. Wow what an extremely nice and welcoming man. He puts you at ease and makes you feel immediately welcome. After reviewing what I was going to give a testimonial on Mike brought me to meet Sandy the ACN professional makeup lady for some pre-stage touch ups.

Sandy I have to say is the most kind and caring person EVER! I walk into another curtained off room to be greeted with a massive “Hey Girl, how are you this afternoon!?” in her southern accent.

And I of course tell her that I’m doing awesome as I naturally am. Our casual conversation was so natural and fun I got to pick her brains about all the beautiful ACN women and how flawless they all are and she had a small laugh saying “Girl, they are just average people like you and me. It’s the tools that make them look so amazing:". Now that totally makes a girl feel good doesn’t it? I am telling you -HITTING SVP IS WORTH IT TO JUST HAVE SANDY IN YOUR BACK POCKET!!! lol what a talented woman.

So make up is done and the stage tech is leading me to a chair in-front of a dual TV and presentation counter and I got to watch Mathieu Lamontagne presentation on ANOVIA . It’s funny because I felt very calm sitting there, I can see Simon Aboud chatting with a stage hand like they’ve been BFF’s for years and then Mathieu Ambrose pop’s by asked me a few questions about the upcoming commercial space i’m helping design where we end up talking about Matt’s hair and how does he get it to look that way all the time LOL Apparently Ambrose has a photo of Matt with no hair….I told him that is what FACEBOOK is for!! LOL (don't blame me if the go viral ok ML?)

So count down is on stage tech has lead me to the entrance of the stage and is ready for the cue. Next thing i know she says “OK GO”……

I respond with “NOW!!?”


Me: Like all the way!!?


Ohhhhh kay, so i head onto the stage and i’m listing to Matt speak and I’m like “OH SHIT, SHE SENT ME OUT TOO EARLY!” so I begin to mentally freak out and also calm my nerves at the same time so I dont die from this hickup and then here comes my intro and Matt turns around and jumps and looked shocked I’m standing there. ……FUCK


So, standing in front of 20,000 people from all over the world (literally, Japan, South Korea, Europe & more were in the house) feels bloody amazing! I've presented on stage in the past at international staging conventions but this is different. This feels like I'm actually making a difference, im sepaking to people that want more for their life and with that comes fear, I feel that I'm put on this world to show people that fear can be conquired and is mearly an emption that can easily cripple you IF you dont fight back and fighting back isnt as hard as they think it is literally just one step infront of the other.

For those of you that don't know me very well when I started my "traditional business" in August of 2008 (I was 25) I was TERRIFIED to talk to people. I shit you not, I was so scared that my stomach would be in knotts, my face would go bright red, and my stomach would grumble so loud with anger it would sound like I am going to explode.

I WAS TERRIFIED TO TALK TO ONE PERSON ON MY OWN! But through practice after practice after practice I slowly began to gain confidence and my stomach churned less and less over time. This took YEARS to develop I am telling you, this didnt happen over night but that's what personal growth is.......an evolution on skills that develop and perfect with practice and time.

I was more nervous talking infront of 2000 people in Montreal than the 20,000 people in Charlotte because when an event is SO MASSIVE you come to the realization you can only do your best and those that matter will appreciate it and those that don't wont be around to make any comments about it.

So my challenge to you for 2016 is to find a skill that makes you want to crap your pants and start working toward making yourself dominate that skill and make it your bitch!

Kristy Morrison


I am always looking for people who want to be apart of something exciting with a fun group of passionate people looking to make a change.

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