The Difference Between Truth & Experience.

Hey Freedom Fighters,

This one is from the heart.....So many people in today's new age online world have lost sight of what the difference between TRUTH & EXPERIENCE is. I saw well known author of self-help/advise books Andy Andrews at an international business event and when he talked about how everyone see’s things differently. No two people ever hear the same thing from one speech. So in a room of 20,000 people during his talk everyone would hear the same information but understand it differently because we each have our very own history and life experiences. I found it very profound that when dealing with such variation we should understand the difference between truth & an experience. The easiest way to understand this is through an example so imagine you flew to Hawaii because you heard it was beautiful there. You arrive the sun is shining, the air is warm, the people are friendly and the entire week you are there you have an amazing time. You absolutely love Hawaii and all that it offers. A year later you go back again for vacation and have the exact same amazing experience and the sun is shining and air is nice and warm. Then your at a dinner party back home and your best friend asks you for a recommendation as to where to go for their upcoming vacation. So you of course recommend they visit Hawaii and tell them about the amazing weather and people that you met on your past vacations. So they agree and head off to Hawaii, upon there return you run into them at a local store and you friend was pissed off at you for the horrible recommendation they were there for a week and it rained the entire time and was cold, people were grumpy and they didn’t enjoy a single moment of their vacation. On average the temperature are 25-30 which means it is true that Hawaii is warm and their experience doesn't dictate the truth of Hawaii’s weather. This is the difference between truth and experience, just because you or someone you know had a bad experience doesn't mean it’s true.

I always suggest doing your own independent research and form your own decision based on qualified references.

*Excerpt from upcoming book Make Life Happen: 8 Ridiculously Simple Way's To Master The Time & Money Game.

Much Love & let's #MakeLifeHappen!

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