How to stay focused when life is so distracting & accomplish MORE!

Hey Freedom Fighters,

I'm sitting here editing my new book (yes editing i'm sure you find this funny since you all know my grammar and spelling are atrocious) but I'm editing CONTENT not context I hire a professional for things like that. I mean If we all were perfect in that avenue the grammar fanatics would be out of a job! So I proudly wave my incompetency flag on that one. So don't bother emailing me telling me how horrible it is, I already know and I frankly don't care because it's a waste of my time to make things "perfect" before I send out a piece if I had to wait for everything to be reviewed you would never get ANY information.

That's got to be my step one on staying focused (and ultimately making life happen) I don't get hung up on the details. No one will die if there is a mistake, it's not offensive to the english language I mean look at texting GR8 2CU isn't exactly shakespeare.

Here are my top 5 tips for staying focused in a distracting world.

1) Chill out: We spent too much time worrying and over analyzing which takes us away from DOING which is they key to any accomplishment.

2) Limit Social Media Time: When I need to be "in the zone" I close my Facebook and my phone actually have alerts turned OFF so I don't get that PING every 20 seconds.

3) Set The Zone: What do you enjoy? Set the work zone for your success. I love working in my home office because I can set the zone how I like. I have a motivational art wall, a mango dragonfruit candle burning, lots of water and my Passion planner beside me so i stay on track for time.

4) Music: I find this hilarious because it was a MAJOR bone of contention for my mom when I was in school. She SWORE that I needed silence when I was studying but I ended up so bored I stared at the wall. I NEEDED music in the background to help me focus. The Independent news said "Subjects tested in environments with background music were found to get better results than those tested against background noise." So bring headphones and rock out. I LOVE SPOTIFY "BrainFood" channel as it's slick beats to keep me pumped up and yet not distracted by specific tunes.

5) Be Comfortable: If I'm home and working on building my business you can bet that I'll be in my PJ's. There is no point putting on pants and my professional shirts that no one is going to see. My vote put on a fresh pair of PJ's and jump into working.

It really is that simple we all have tasks we need to deal with especially when we work from home but not cleaning the kitchen or doing a load of laundry will not kill anyone. And if you are in a home where if it's not done and you'll be verbally or physically abused I hope you'll find the courage to leave because NO ONE deserves to be disrespected especially when you are working hard for your family by building a life changing business. If you ever need anything freedom fighters I am here for you.

Much Love & let's #MakeLifeHappen!

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