Growing A Business Is Like Farming.

The question I am asked most frequently is "What's it like to build a business?" and the easiest way to describe it no matter WHAT type of business structure your in (traditional business, franchise business, micro-franchise business, networking marketing or direct sales) they are all the same and I can promise you this. Yes each structure has different pro's vs con's but overall what you need to DO to become successful is the exact same.

So what is this element that link's all of these vastly different business structures that makes it like farming? PLANTING SEEDS........that's right every single day we need to talk to people and plant seeds about our business so people are aware of us. If we don't talk to them then how will anyone ever know that we exist?? When you have a traditional business your planing seeds specific to your company sharing knowledge and letting people know what you specialize in. Same with a franchise however with a franchise you have the assistance of the franchise creator and reputation. Look at McDonald's for example EVERYONE knows what they sell at McDonalds so the owners of these franchises don't have to plant as many seeds anymore because the company now has a brand and reputation that speaks for it's self. Same thing for those network marketing /MLM companies they still need to plant seeds now the issue with MLM is they never get outside of there comfort zone to talk to strangers about their business for fear of rejection or failure so they keep harassing there core circle of 10 friends and family members resulting in a sour taste for that business model overall. So if you have a MLM company and you don't agree that building your business is like farming with planting seeds then you are clearly building it wrong.

When you plant seeds just like farming a % of them will grow into clients, a % of them will die, and a % of them will go dormant and grow later. It has NOTHING to do with YOU or your business but has everything to do with the number of seeds you are planting. Do you think everyone hates your business? Plant more seeds because some will grow. Do you think everyone hates you? Plant more seeds because some will grow. Pretty much if you want to be an entrepreneur you'll need to get over your fear of rejection and just go out and plant seeds on a daily basis. The more seeds you plant the more you can harvest in the future.

Which brings me to my next point about business being much like farming. How often do you hear someone say "I'm going to open my business (regardless of the business model) and if I'm not successful enough to quit my job in 1-2 years I'll close up shop and try something else or quit completely and not ever try again" this blows my mind to be honest........Just like farming nothing happens over night. You cant plant 100 seeds and wake up 24hrs later and expect a crop to be sprouting. IT TAKES TIME TO BUILD A BUSINESS, so harness your patience and buckle down for the long haul. Now, this is also assuming you've done your market research PROVING that what you offer is even desired by a consumer. You can witness this on dragons den or shark tank on any episode, someone has a business but they did NO market research think that just because they love the product so will everyone else. SORRY business doesn't work that way, find a problem and solve it.......upside down every day of the year HOLIDAY TREE's won't cut it because this isn't an issue most people have in there life.

So my vote for all of you is to don't be afraid and to jump in and start farming!!

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Kristy Morrison

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