5 Way's to find balance in business & life.

In the first ACN Wake Up Call, Circle of Champions Member and Senior Vice President Leanne Gabriel shared how she makes having it all look easy. Here are Leanne’s top five recommendations for finding –and more importantly maintaining – balance in your ACN business and your life. Thank you Leanne for sharing your incredible insight with the ACN family.

  1. Focus on the opportunity: Focus on how unique the ACN opportunity is and how working hard building your business will bring a quality of life for your family that most people dream of. Before I was in ACN, I was a lawyer working 80 hours a week for someone else, the money was there, but the opportunity for my own growth wasn’t. When I saw ACN I knew it would give me not only money freedom, but time freedom.

  2. Know there will be sacrifices: Nothing worth working for is ever easy. Knowing you will be making sacrifices in the short term, to have what you want in the long term, is a worthy trade. The ability to have the time freedom now is worth all of the sacrifices I had to make to become SVP.

  3. Let everyone in on the life lessons: ACN is a personal development program with a compensation plan, so get the family in on it. The life lessons learned growing your ACN business are lessons your family doesn’t see in today’s day and age. They will see you work hard for a goal that doesn’t happen overnight. Bring them to events, show them the atmosphere of ACN, hear from leaders and meet people from all walks of life.

  4. Set Goals Together: When my son wanted a family pet, I was striving for SVP. We set a goal that when I hit SVP, we would get that family pet. We made a chart and marked the goal; this got him involved and helped him understand why I was working so hard. He watched me attain something and knew exactly how hard I had worked for it.

  5. When you’re on, you’re on. When you’re off, you’re off: Your family is always the priority. Set aside time to turn off the phone and just be together. The texts and emails can wait; family time is precious. They are the ones you are working for so make sure they know you are doing what you are doing for them.

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08/07/2015 by Leanne Gabriel

*Thanks so much for sharing your tips for business & life balance Leanne. You are a true #LadyBoss and I am so proud to be apart of an organization with the caliber of people such as yourself.

Kristy Morrison

Author, Entrepreneur, Mentor


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