Video: #MakeLifeHappen -Business Organization & Goal Setting.

From micro-franchises to traditional business you NEED to know how you are going to accomplish your goals. I've outlined my single tool that allows me to stay on track, meet my business goals and grow it exponentially in one year. WARNING: Some language may be found offensive.

-Think forward: write out the entire year of duties you MUST do. Anniversaries, Birthday's, Events that may happen every year, Long weekends, Vacations if you take them ETC.

-Time Block: Each day what do you NEED to accomplish each day? Write it out, the gym, Spanish lessons, book readings, meetings.

-New Customer Reaches: How many NEW people are you talking to each day? Do NOT rely on your core 10 people you are comfortable with or you will NEVER grow your business.

Are you ready to #MakeLifeHappen? Let's schedule a call to chat to see what your goals in life are and how to implement a plan to get there.

Kristy Morrison

Author, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Investor.

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