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For me, this is one of the hardest topic to discusess beause it's taken me a good decade on developing WHO & WHAT my personal brand is. I think this is something that is consistant evolution of not knowing until one day it HITS you like a ton of bricks.

I branded my staging business really well which helped me become #1 in Ottawa. I knew I wanted to brand it as a company overall and NOT myself beause you can't really successfully sell a "Kristy Staging" because the buyer donesnt give a crap about Kristy they

care about the business model, income and expenses overall with the company brand locally. So that's when I conciously created. "Capital Home Staging & Design -Putting the Capital Back In To Your Home" this is a play on words where we LIVE in Canada's Capital and money is also considered Capital. The result were pure brilliance, we attract the type of clientele we wanted. A client that wants to invest in their home in a way that would result in repeat and referral based business as well as a strong brand locally. They knew what to ecpect.

NOW, for developing a persona brand when I started my adventure in ACN I had no idea what I was doing beyond the obvoius (getting custoers) but WHAT did I want my brand to be? Who am I? What do I want people to see? How do I want people to feel? These are all questions you have to think about when establishing what your personal brand is going to be. So after offiically 1 year in ACN and some amazing events like being on stage at Charlotte NC International I actually found WHAT I want my brand to be but it took a full year of understanding what this busines is about overall and some soul searching... Before I layout what I chose my brand to be I want to start with reviwing my ORIGINAL business cards that I was using in the business. I pretty much ordered

these as soon as I got started because I KNEW how powerful building a brand can be. I wanted to brand myself at the time as the home and businss services specialist. But this is where I went wrong.

1) Dark & Depressing Stock. Stock cards can be fablous when you don't know what to do but it's RARE a stock card results in a true connection between a brand and design.

2) No last name - I did this beause I wanted a joint card with my husband we can both use.

BIG FAIL, he doesnt use them and no one can

search for me with the "M"

3) Online store published, I thought this was perfect because people can just sign themselves up right? WRONG: in this type of business of reltinhips you gotta have a relationship build first then sold. So it's a waste.

4) Listing of services on the back -This worked great in my traditional business but doesnt work in NWM business.

5) Ordred 5,000 business cards from day 1 without knowing what hte brand is = wated money.

So now jumping back to my NEW business cards and how I'm establishing WHAT my brand is. To be honest I didn't know what my brand was within ACN until I hit that stage then it hit me like a TON of bricks that everything I've ever done in my life up until this point was to HELP -INSPIRE- LEAD -COACH -and GROW with like minded people. I've spoken at staging events internationally, I've created private groups for stagers to meet and learn from each other so WHY did it take so long for me to see what my personal brand was? Well, in my staging life all those efforts seemed insignificant.

Creating a businss card.

Who Am I? LOUD, Vibrant, Colourful, Shiny (anyone disagree?? lol)

What Do I Want To Do? Inspire * Lead * Coach * Grow

How Do I Want to Interact With People?

ONE on ONE, to interact this way I need to set boundaries on my webpage so I do have 2 pages for "opportunities" but it requires a password for access they will have to talk to me to gain the access first.

How Do I Get Customers?

Privately through referrals & relationships.


To pique peoples interest and want to ask me questions. "What do you do" this is why on the back I talked about feeding 2 million kids & looking for open minded people.

Card Make.

Font -Multiple colours, Metalic Finish so it's eye catching.

Colours -MULTIPLE & complemnetary.

Photo -Something that showed my personality over a generic selfie or poised photo. This is an authentic moment in time where pure joy was felt and it happened to be at an event where I was hoping to Inspire * Lead * Coach and *Grow with 22,000 people.

Like I mentioned earlier it took me 10 full years in business to hit this point where I finally feel like I know what my personal brand is going to be. Some of you will know right away, some of you will take time like I did but I tell you when you find it that's when the magic starts to happen. People can clearly see that your card, your brand and your overall style is linked in a full circle so it makes sense for them.

Don't stop searching and deleoping your brand! This is just the start of mine I am sure in 5-10 years my brand will go through another evolution that's the beauty of buinses it's continually growing.

Kristy Morrison

ETL -Closing in on TC.

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