Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

More and more people are turning to entrepreneurship to free themselves from the trap of working long hours & never getting ahead. As an entrepreneur for the past decade myself I know personally how to help people gradually make the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

What Does Our Micro-Franchise Entrepreneurship Offer?
  • Much like traditional franchises, micro-franchising offers the same proven success system for a fraction of the investment. 25 years of proven success in 25 countries & growing.

  • E-commerce: The fastest growing business model, no overhead, no staff to train or manage, no inventory/products to stock or deliver, no daily / monthly expenses.  

  • Set your own schedule: Designed to fit our busy schedules. With consistent effort, you'll be able to trade your job for true entrepreneurship blending time & money together.

  • Unlimited income potential: The compensation plan is clear so planning out income goals is easy and efficient. 

  • Recession Proof: It's been proven that a recession or natural disaster can destroy a business. People tighten their belts, spend less and cancel their subscriptions. This is why the business INDUSTRY we work in is recession proof after 25 years our customer base has continually grown because of the 3 industries worth 75 trillion dollars we operate in.

  • Reputation: A+ Better Business Bureau Accredited. Inc Magazine award winning company.

  • Personal Development: You can't get to where you want to be with the same knowledge you currently have. Improving your mindset, knowledge and business skills are included in the micro-franchise opportunity.

  • Training & Support: This is my favourite part of the opportunity you're not alone you have successful people to learn from along the way.

  • Our Advantage: No products to convince people they need, only services people already have where we help them save money or make money. No other micro-franchise exists! 

Why Entrepreneurship?

If you were taught the same system I was taught growing up you're probably realizing that things aren't the same as they used to be. I was taught to go to school, get good grades so you can get into college then you'll find a career work for 40-50 years and retire with a full pension. This system is BROKEN.


Did you know that pensions were designed to attract people to work hard and when they hit 50 they would get their pension for life? However, people's average life expectancy was well under that age so they knew their offer was essentially garbage. (don't believe me check it out) 


Have you noticed the following?

  • Pensions are not offered as much anymore.

  • Jobs are offering cheaper contract work over full-time benefit positions.

  • Performance-based pay scaled are also in force. High performers are paid the most, however, if your a high performer why not apply that to your OWN business where you can will an asset to your kids!?

  • People are working longer & harder and making less than ever before.

  • Low wage jobs are being replaced. Cashers = Self-checkout machines or Amazon algorithms. Drivers = self-driving cars, Even LAWYERS are being replaced with computers that have a higher % of accuracy. Do you really think your job is 100% SAFE? 


Having a plan B right now alongside your current career is the only way to protect yourself from the unstable world we currently live in. 

Kristy Morrison

Author | Speaker | Mentor

Who Is Kristy Morrison?

Kristy is a three-time published author of business books, international speaker and personal mentor to hundreds of individuals across the country. Her knowledge and passion for business started when she found herself laid off from her career as a vet tech, drowning in 6 figures of debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. The drive to survive kicked in and the shy and reserved Kristy decided she was done working on someone's system and she was going to jump into entrepreneurship. In a short eight years in her entrepreneurship journey, Kristy was able to pay off $160,000 worth of debt, win numerous business awards, and worked with celebrities such as Suzanne Somers. Kristy has experience in building a successful traditional business as well as a micro-franchise. This has allowed her to understand the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur regardless of the business model.


Kristy always had a vision of building international business and having time & money together. After a decade of building an award-winning company locally never able to expand outside the city, she learned that expanding has lots of regulations and success doesn't necessarily mean freedom in the traditional business world. She then discovered the micro-franchise industry and after a short three year time period her business is now in four countries & rapidly expanding. Kristy continues to focus on building business internationally and teaching others to do the same through the micro-franchise industry for proven success strategies.

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