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Real Estate Sales Representative with The Complete Real Estate Pros, Mentor, Real Estate Investor, Author, International Home Staging Speaker & Master Home Staging Trainer. 


Kristy has been involved in the Real Estate industry for over 15 years in various levels. She started with her first home purchase at 21 by selling everything she & her boyfriend Eric (now husband) owned just to get a down payment. By 25 she started her own company transforming homes even though another ”specialist” told her not to bother she would never be successful. Over the years alongside building her business she and Eric renovated 5 homes & 1 commercial property with great success. She jokingly calls it ”Flipping up”  even though she had no intention of taking on properties to “Flip” alongside her personal home for various logistic reasons. 


After many moves and renovating her homes over time she also built her real estate related company to #1 with an amazing team working directly with many of the top 20% real estate agents in the city of Ottawa. After a decade of building success, she made the bold decision to sell her business so she can focus on working directly with her buying, selling & investing clients one on one instead of training and managing others. 


Because Kristy was so tightly linked to the Real Estate industry for many years she met many types of clients, affiliated business professionals and many Real Estate Professionals. One thing always stood out to her, No-one likes a pushy slimy real estate agent that does the bare minimum and only cares about “what’s in it for them” which is why she refuses to be one as well as why she calls her style a Grassroots approach to modern real estate. 


This doesn't mean she focuses on country homes as Kristy has been involved firsthand in many multi-million dollar deals in Ottawa & the surrounding area over the years. Her approach means getting back to the basics. Business based on building relationships, understanding the clients needs and custom tailoring solutions for those needs. This is why she chose to be apart of Ottawa’s top real estate team the Complete Real Estate Pros.


On a more personal side, Kristy & her husband of 16 years have become reconnected to nature and authentic living. They sold their big beautiful renovated bungalow in Barrhaven to move to 36 acres of protected treed & natural wetlands in Kemptville. There they grow their own organic produce, make maple syrup & soon beekeeping! They have a few Muscovy ducks free ranging the yard clearing out all tick & pests naturally. They also have 3 fur baby dogs Coco, Stan-Lee, & Buster Beans. When Kristy & Eric aren't tending to their garden/property or working you can find them at the family cottage in the summer or on vacation at their income property La Casa Azul in Tambor Costa Rica.

Values: Family, Friends, Business, Personal Growth, Travel & Discovery.
Motto: Live with no regrets & live life to the fullest.
What People Are Saying About Kristy

Sue Hameed

Platinum Mortgages -Owner & Top Producing Agent

Kristy is a fantastic leader with a positive mindset and a pleasure to be around.

Monick Grenier

Grenier Law

Kristy Morrison-Bowen, where have you been all my life!?! Your contagious energy, business savvy and sparkling gems of wisdom have inspired me to new heights in my own thriving law practice. I recommend anyone looking to take it to the next level to talk to you.

Jesse Moise

Regal Hardwood Flooring Instal & Sales Business Owner -Ottawa Ontario.

"Competitive Edge” not only thoroughly details what the home staging industry is all about but signifies the importance of why using home staging is crucial when selling your most cherished investment, your home. Since I myself, am aware of how difficult the housing industry can be, I will definitely be using a home stager to sell my future home after reading, Competitive Edge!

Janet Alexander

Serenity Fitness Business Owner.

Kristy is an incredible mentor! Personable, straight-forward and inspiring on so many levels. Anyone who is able to work with her is incredibly fortunate!

Kimberly Underwood

Entrepreneur -Montreal

I remember vividly when you spoke at the Montreal National event in January 2015 where you shared the stage with other influential women. As you were sharing your testimony of your career building a traditional business and how you got involved in the micro-franchise industry. You spoke with such enthusiasm and confidence! You stood out! People may not remember what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel. You remind me a lot of my older sister. She goes after what she wants and works her butt off to get it. It's the way you inspired us women to feel like anything is possible and no matter what life throws at us we can succeed. I was just like "damnnnnnnnnn she got such confidence" haha one day I gotta meet her. It's a blessing to share this business with you! Ever since then I want to be a #bosslady like you!

Karen Schaefer

Staging Trainer & Realtor In Colorado

Kristy Morrison has raised the bar in the home staging industry. If you previously thought home staging was an option to sell or list a home, think again. Her facts and statistics are backed up with real-world case studies that absolutely prove implementing effective home staging techniques to sell your listings is a 'must' in selling faster and for more money. Even as a leader in the home staging industry, I wouldn't be without it.”


Natasha Cates

Entrepreneur Ottawa


I just want to thank you for your amazing support and excellent coaching for me through my journey so far through my business.


You are such a great help, motivator, and so very encouraging too.  Your energy, and contagious personality is a plus too. ;)

I truly believe that I wouldn’t be as far as I am today without your coaching help.  It truly has helped me come out of my shell and comfort zone, which I am very grateful for. 

With your coaching and now our great friendship, I am growing so much in my personal growth, and that alone is priceless.

I am so incredibly proud and blessed to be a part of your team and to call you my coach. 

Thank you so much for taking the time and effort with me, for me and my family.

Luv ya bunches #LadyBoss! 


Natasha ...aka..#MamaChamp

David Cummings

Firefighter, ACN RD Business Owner

Working with Kristy has been amazing! She's a ton of fun, and knows how to get things done!

Carla Woolnough

President, Nex-Step Design, & International Spokeswoman Guelph, ON

Kristy's book Competitive Edge is a must have for anyone selling a home. She has provided great facts and real life situations which makes reading this book even more enjoyable because you can relate to what she is saying. Being a professional home stager I feel this book is a huge benefit to both real estate agents and homeowners as it gives them the understanding of why you need to stage and the benefits that staging will bring to them. Kristy is straightforward, doesn't hold anything back and tells it like it is. Thank you, Kristy, for writing Competitive Edge as it really gives the true side of home staging and what you need to do to get homes sold quickly and for the most money possible.

Jacob Owens

Jacob Owens Business Owner

Kristy walks the talk and is very passionate about what she does. Always willing to help others in any way she can!

Vicki Trudel

Entrepreneur Ottawa

I have to be honest, at first glance, I was intimidated by Kristy. Her loud and driven personality combined with her tremendous success made for quite a persona. I quickly realized Kristy is the complete opposite of intimidating, she's an inspiration! She's a goal-oriented high achiever who not only encourages people, but also takes the time to show them how to do the same. She plows through the hard stuff and does the dirty work to pave the way for others to follow with ease. 


Her determination and cheerful personality inspired me to get back to work when I was having a hard time in my own life and business. My success does not impact Kristy's in any way, but she jumped on the opportunity to help me when I reached out asking for advice, going above and beyond what guidance I had asked for. Kristy has a way to make you regain confidence in your abilities just by how much belief she shows she has in you. She creates a vision for the future that is larger than life, and you can't help believing it to be true and knowing it shall come to pass because she always gets to the bottom of everything. When she sets her mind to something, she will accomplish it. PERIOD. Maybe not exactly with the same time frame she had expected, because nothing is perfect and complications always arise in life, but she perseveres and ends up fulfilling the task. 


Kristy is very professional, with a great business mindset and a work ethic that is second to none. She's a leaders' leader with high integrity, always willing to help, but still very humble in the process. When you really get to know her, you realize she's just a regular person who learned early on to rely on herself and to set up systems to work for her benefit. Kristy has a way to motivate, educate and inspire people just by being who she is and doing what she does best, get s*** done! :)

Jonathan Morrison


When being trained and coached you need a person who can evaluate your skill and guide you to reach your best potential. Kristy's positive attitude and her perserverance of never giving up on anyone or any task is very contagious. Changing the mind set of what people have been told to accept of themself is her specialty, Kristy knows how to challenge your thoughts and guide you through your journey. If your looking to expand your mind or your wallet Kristy is there to offer infante support and guidance that encourages your views. She clearly loves empowering men & woman from all walks of life whom are looking for a change. I would not be in business with anyone else.

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