About Me

I’ve always had a strong, fun and larger than life personality. I believe I was first pushed out of my shell working my first job at the Coliseum movie theatre in Ottawa Ontario when it officially launched. Working through out the complex in food service and customer service areas helping guests have a fun experience & singing random songs when the “bell was rung” 


My passion for working with people one on one exploded when I started my Home Staging company in 2008. At the time there were only 4 stagers in the city and ALL of them were part time, one of them told me to not even bother starting as I would never succeed. I had a very strong work ethic and built Ottawa’s first award winning home staging company with a full team of professionals in a short 2 year time period. Over the next decade we kept growing, expanding and working with many of the top realtors across the city. In 2017 I decided I needed a CHANGE and I sold the company to an amazing couple who still run it today. 


My husband and I have been together for 18 years and during this time as I was growing my company we bought and sold our home(s) (and 1 commercial property) with various local realtors 11 times. Each time never re-hiring the same agent because the experience was either poor or just ok. Ultimately I developed a long list of what NOT to do in the real estate world.


This is where I made another CHANGE and decided to focus on clients one on one through real estate directly as a Realtor myself. I love working with clients privately developing a solid game plan for their own goals so they too can make a CHANGE to their next chapter as smooth as possible. My transition from business owner to independent Realtor was a smooth process and my past clients welcomed me back but on a new level. 


On a more personal glimpse into my life. I live south of Ottawa ON with my husband Eric on 36 acres beautifully mature treed land. Where we are learning every day about homesteading and the benefits it has not only on our earth but for ourselves as well. We love to grow organic food, raise chickens, guinea fowl and are proud ambassadors to FOOD FOREST ABUNDANCE where no matter what size of yard you have you too can have food security. We have 5 dogs (yes 5 they really aren’t that much work, they mostly sleep.) love hosting camp fires and we’re working slowly on expanding a community like network around our area. We also have a small vacation home business (Dog Paws And Sandy Hair) where we offer rental properties in Costa Rica to vacationers and intimate style retreats. 

I invite you to check out my Real Estate Changes page to learn more about how as a wholistic Realtor I bring mind-body-soul back into the process for my clients to benefit greatly. 

Honesty: I will always be open and honest during our discussions. There is zero benefit to tell you what you want to hear vs. Telling you what you need to hear. 


Integrity: I do what I say, and I say what I do. Even when no one is looking. Always doing what is BEST for my clients above all. I believe in KARMA and there is no way I want to ever make her angry. 


Communication: I believe communication is key. No one likes feeling like they have been left in the dark so discussing my clients goals and developing a clear game plan so we are all on the same page is very important to me. 

Joyfulness: Because if you're not enjoying it why are you even doing it? I truly believe you must enjoy and bring joyfulness to all that you do.  


Kristy Morrison: Ottawa Real Estate Expert