Forest Path

Nature Retreats

Image by Scott Goodwill

Welcome to Gaia Nueveo -A Place To Meet. 

Located a short 25 min drive south from Ottawa in Kemptville Ontario you'll discover a beautiful land of 36 acres of a naturally protected forest. Abundant in life from birds, bees, butterflies, deer, foxes, foliage and much more. Here, the trees talk to each other and they want to be a place for people to meet. A place of safety, security and community. 

Our location is kept private because this is our place of residence as well. We spend plenty of time tending to the land, growing food organically and playing with our dogs. This is a sacred space and with so much that has been going on over the last 2 years we've decided to open up this space to others in hopes it will help you get grounded and re-connected to source. 

With a protective grid positioned around our land

-Beautiful walking trails to explore

-A central pond where you'll see fish & frogs

-EMF Protection 

-Shield against negative energies outside of our land. 

We invite you to try...

Digital Detox Camping $40/night

Connect with nature & your family once again, leaving the stress of the city behind you. 

Day Retreats in Nature

Are you an intuitive, medium, naturalist or someone who likes to gather in nature why not host an event here. 

All funds raised through Gaia Nuevo will go directly towards the maintenance of the land, expanding our services and investing into infrastructure. If you would like to be a part of the movement and volunteer some time please reach out to us. 








-Land Work 

-Donation of something we need (see list)

Looking For