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Home Staging


Home Staging is a vital tool to selling real estate in the 21st century. Every home needs it to some degree from small tweaks here and there to larger preparation. The goal is to help sellers detach emotionally from the home as well as prepare the home so it appeals to the most amount of buyers in the least amount of time. We are a beautifully diverse city with many different walks of life. Each home has a targeted demographic and we want to turn the home into a fully marketable product that buyers WANT.


If you read my bio you’ll see that I created Ottawa’s first award winning home staging company and I’m sure that puts the confidence in you that I know what I am doing when it comes to the preparation process. However, I do not believe in being a “Jill of all trades” YES I have the capabilities of performing the home staging process myself but for 99% of my clients I will still invest in and pay for a professional stager that I TRUST to perform a detailed consultation for you. I do this because I need to focus on the selling & marketing tasks to generate a SUCCESSFUL SALE, not how to make it look the best for photos. I have amazing colleagues (some that I've even trained) that can do that for us!

Fun Fact: having a background in home staging & design doesn't just benefit sellers it ALSO benefits buyers! I'm able to SEE what most people can not. I can see the potential of a space and offer suggestions on how you can CHANGE up a space to make it perfectly yours. 


Of course, I am always happy to answer any questions you may have about staging so feel free to reach out to me if you do have any questions.