Ottawa Real Estate

Ottawa Real Estate is an exciting market I encourage you to watch my video to truly get to know me and why I do what I do as Your Agent Of Change

I personally take a wholistic real estate approach where I take the well-being of the whole client – mind, body, and soul – into account. The goal in holistic real estate is to go through what can be a very stressful process with special care for the physical, mental and emotional health of all concerned. 

As Your Agent Of Change the process starts with me, where I am the container for the entire experience. I start by taking the time to tap into my inner peace and knowing, through practices such as meditation and visualizing and create a calm, fun, open and curious atmosphere from which I will receive and process the challenges of buying and selling real estate in any market condition. As a holistic realtor I conduct my business, communication and relationships in a conscious and aware state -building friendships along the way. 

I find that because I incorporate the body & soul into this process it really enhances and supports the research that I always do for my clients such as running comparable, neighbourhood analysis, inspections and necessary due diligence for each real estate transaction. 

In short I feel there is way more joy and less stress when working with a wholistic Real Estate professional. I'll find the path for fewer problems as I am a great negotiator coming to win-win solutions for all parties involved. 

Think of me as a bad-ass hippie where my business background allows me to negotiate with the toughest opponents yet zen enough to guide clients through the process with ease and reducing stress overall.