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When Kristy & Eric visited Costa Rica in 2014 for their vacation they immediately fell in love with the country and after much research, they decided to invest and own an income property in one of the five rare "Blue Zones" in the world the Nicoya Peninsula and more specifically Playa Tambor. I can help you connect with Real Estate experts all over Costar Rica however I specialize in the following areas of Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, Montezuma, Paquera and Playa Tambor. 
If you plan on investing in Costa Rica I highly suggest touring the entire country to experience the different areas as each area has something different to offer as well as the weather differences. We chose to invest in Playa Tambor (La Casa Azul) which is on the Pacific side for a few reasons such as:
  • Located in 1/5 rare "blue zones" of the world as outlined by the National Geographic where some of the oldest, healthiest & happy people live. 
  • Franchise ban -Meaning we support local mom & pop shops.
  • 2 Story Ban -There will never be a skyscraper built on the beach blocking views of other villas. 
  • Lack of excessive tourists: Unlike Tamarindo, Liberia, Limon & Jaco our area is a hidden gem. It takes a little more time to get here but well worth the added 20 min charter flight. Our 8km of sandy beaches are empty most days and perfect for a private vacation or retirement. 
  • Future growth, the San Jose airport is moving to Orotina which means a current 1.5hr drive will only be 35 min to the Punteranus ferry. 
The list goes on but those were big factors for us. You may also enjoy this 19-Steps to Costa Rica Real Estate written by the TICO TIMES.
If this has always been a dream of yours then don't hesitate to contact me for your buying/selling needs in Costa Rica.
WhatsApp: +1-613-818-5036
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